Controlling Asthma, control your asthma

Controlling asthma, control your asthma.

Asthma is a disease of the airways of the lungs. This is a long term condition. In this condition, the side walls of an asthmatic person are swollen. The symptoms of asthma include coughing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, wheezing etc. The cause of asthma can be either due to genetic factors or due to environmental factors, say various online nutritionists.

Controlling asthma, control your asthma

The best dietician in India says that for controlling asthma, you should:

  1. Consult a doctor: If you observe that you have symptoms of asthma, you should consult a doctor immediately. Know what kind of asthma you have, what precautions you should take to better your condition, how often you should visit your doctor, what medications you should take, what asthma is exactly, and all your queries related to asthma.

Now-a -days, there are various nutritionists/ dieticians who have their diet clinics online. You can also consult these online nutritionists. These online nutritionists will guide you the best regarding your condition and prescribe you with the best diet plan, diet meal plan, nutrition plans. With the help of the best diet plan, diet meal plan, nutrition plans you can take control of your situation better.


  1. Avoid worsening your condition by avoiding environmental causes:

The best dietician in India says that you should protect yourself from environmental causes when you have asthma. For this, you can:

  • Wear a protective mask while cleaning, dusting etc.
  • Use scent free products
  • Use a mask while going out
  • Stay away from smoke and smoking zones
  • Use exhaust fans while cooking

These things are also suggested by online nutritionists who have the best diet plans, diet meal plans, nutrition plans.

  1. Pay attention to what you eat:

The best dietician in India says that during asthma condition, you should also pay attention to what you are eating. You can consult the best dietician in India or online nutritionists for various diet plans, diet meal plans and nutrition plans. The best dietician in India and online nutritionists say that these will be best suited to your condition and will help you to control your asthma better.



Dr. Surabhi Jain| Nutriwell India| Best dietician in India

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