Food cravings and their meanings

Food cravings and their meanings: Do you face food cravings all the time? You are in your office, in the middle of your work, and all of a sudden you have this strong urge to eat something sweet. Does this happen with you? These cravings usually mean and indicate that your body needs or is lacking certain nutrients. Missing nutrients in your body can lead to cravings.

Food cravings and their meanings:

Here is what it means when you are craving certain types of foods and how to curb them:

  1. Chocolate cravings:

Everybody loves chocolate. Eating chocolate in moderation will do no harm. But, craving too much chocolate is an indication that your body is deficient in magnesium. So, instead of feeding your need for chocolate feed your body with various nuts, fruits and whole grains.


  1. Cheese carvings:

If you are craving too much of foods that are full of cheese, then it means that your body is lacking essential fatty acids and calcium. To curb these cravings, add flaxseeds, walnuts, and chia seeds to your diet.


  1. Sweet cravings:

Sweet cravings are very common. This means that, your body needs nutrients like sulphur, magnesium, and phosphorous. Instead of giving in to your sweet cravings, add more of fresh fruits to your diet.


  1. Tea and coffee cravings:

Tea and coffee cravings mean that you need more sulphur in your body. To curb these cravings, include more of onion, garlic, eggs, and cruciferous vegetables to your diet.


  1. Soda cravings:

If you are craving soda then it means that you have calcium deficiency. So, instead of feeding to your soda cravings, include sesame seeds, broccoli, mustard, and legumes to your diet.

  1. Salty foods cravings:

Do you often feel the urge to but that packet of salty potato chips? Or do you crave other salty foods? This happens due to electrolyte imbalance, chloride deficiency or due to dehydration. For such cravings, add citrus fruits, ginger, and garlic to your diet.


  1. Bread/ toast cravings:

Such cravings mean that you are lacking nitrogen in your body. To curb them, include high protein foods in your diet. Also include fruits, vegetables, and nuts to your diet.


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