Clumsiness in pregnancy


Most mums-to-be don’t tend to incorporate “feeling graceful” in their descriptions
of gestation! You’ll in all probabilit

y feel clumsiest in your last trimester once the
everyday waddling gait of pregnancy sets in. Be assured you’ll

feel back to
your sleek self when your baby is born.
Clumsiness ought to come back as no surprise if you think about the changes your
body goes through:

• You’re carrying a lot of weight.
• Your center of gravity has modified along with your growing bump.

• The strength of your tummy muscles and al

so the curvature of your spine (both
of that facility to stay you upright) naturally amendment as
your gestation progresses.
• Your muscle management and coordination are reduced.
• Your fingers, toes and alternative joints square measure all loosening because
of gestation hormones.
You're in all probability not sleeping too well either. of these factors place you at a
larger risk of getting a fall throughout gestation, notably within the last
trimester, though this doesn’t mean that you’ll take a tumble.
Will it hurt my baby if I fall over?
If you were to require a tumble, your baby would be protected by your pelvis and
also the humor he’s floating around in. but if you are doing fall, it might cause
some hemorrhage, notably if there was a forc

eful bump to your
tummy. perpetually contact your general practitioner or accoucheuse, if you have
got a fall, simply to form positive everything is okay.
How am I able to be less clumsy?
Simply knowing that you’re not as coordinated as was common help. be
careful with wet, icy or uneven surfaces once you’re walking. If it’s slippery
underfoot, raise some other person to travel looking with you or take
your child out.
Try to not place yourself in things wherever you have got a risk of
falling. therefore keep one's eyes off from jammed dance floors if you’re out for
the evening, and hold onto a handrail wherea

s climbing steps. though performing
some sort of exercise might assist you to be steadier on your feet and

fewer probably fall, steer afar from sports that might increase the chance, like lawn
tennis, cardiopulmonary exercise on uneven surfaces or horse riding.
Be assured your clumsiness can solely be temporary. If you continue to feel
clumsy when your gestation, it's going to merely result in new baby fatigue!
Could my clumsiness be a symptom of a lot of serious problems?
Your temporary gracelessness might merely result to your growing baby
and dynamic body.
However, if you are feeling clumsy and you have got the subsequent symptoms,
contact your general practitioner or midwife:

• sudden swelling of your hands or feet
• headaches
• blurred vision

• vomiting
• pain in your higher belly
These are signs of pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia may be a serious sort
of gestation high force per unit area. If you have got these symptoms you ought
to contact your general practitioner or accoucheuse at once.
Although not pregnancy-related, labyrinth issues like otalgia and glue
ear might conjointly cause you to feel off-balance. Infections or
viruses like grippe will cause you to feel stiff and aching, and leave you feeling

less agile than usual.
If you have got carpal tunnel syndrome, that causes pain and symptom in your
fingers, you'll conjointly feel a lot of clumsy.

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