How to Consult a Dietician

Today we are suffering from many Lifestyle diseases. Consulting the dietician might become tedious sometimes. You can consult the best dietician in India by Following ways

1.One to One Counseling : patient goes Physically to the clinic and He/She take counseling to the Dietician in Conventional way.Now also if you have time this is the best method.

2. Online counseling : Many times we do not have time for visiting a clinic, We may not want to wait in Clinic here comes the role of Online Counseling Comes. Its very prevalent now and all the top dietician in India have an online platform. They prefer to give online counseling via website and other platforms . You dont have to visit a dietician clinic and by Telemedicine you can consult the best dietician with just one click on your computer.

3.Counseling Via app / Phone: this is also a preferred method of Online diet weight loss plan or nutrition in any medical disorder, when you lack time to visit a clinic and you wants to go economical then this might be the answer. The app services are low cost and they can be used anywhere.

many apps are there which provide online Consultation like OBINO, Healthyfy, Fit circle and Nutriwell. You can check the out at

These app provide the services at low cost and you can track your diet.

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